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Best URL Shortener Sites To Make Money In India

All of the people welcome to our Blog/Website. Today,s post i will make about "Best URL Shortener to Make Money" In India. There are many of URL shortener earn money sites available on the internet but only some websites are real and other fake. On the internet available fake URL shortener website comes for earning money purpose.

In this article, I will provide two Best URL Shortener earn money website for earn money in your PayTm wallet. If you not known about that what is URL Shortener? then make sure By URL Shortner you can easily short to long tail URL or link and as well as make money online.

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Best URL SHORTENER Sites to Make Money

First of all you need to create a account with URL shortener sites. For making account just read full article carefully.

1. Just visit shortener sites and click on singup button and after will visible a form then fill your general details according to your mind.

Username - Fill your full name and three any number without space ex- Deepakchandel123
Email - Include your email address, Please use your orignal email address for successful payment.
Password - After this just enter your choice password but password must be capital & low letter, maths with special character for security reason. ex- Satish034@
And last final fill I,m not a robot - reCAPTCHA code and tick mark on I agree, press register button.
An email conformation message will send your URL shortener registerd mail id then conform it.

In this article provides link shrink sites will give 1000% payment surely if you are not using any illegal or  VPN tricks etc.

Highest Paying URL Shortener - RozFly

RozFly is highest paying URL shortener sites for make money online. This is a new URL shortener website and with its help we can shorten the URL of any website.

Country wise payment from this URL shortener sites will be added to your URL shortener wallet. A maximum of 25 $ will be added to the wallet after 1000 URLs are shortened in this website.

Below given dollar will count total 1000 views

Sr. no. Country Desktop/Mobile
1 Marshall Island 25$
2 Iceland 25$
3 Greenland 23$
4 United States 18$
5 United Kingdom 15$
6 Netherlands 14$
7 Germany12$
8 Canada 11$
9 Hong Kong7$
11 Spain6$
13 Pakistan 4$

Payment Proof: Click here for view payment proof of RozFly

Referrals - Refer friends and receive 10% of their earnings for life!

Payment Method Available on RozFly - High money paying URL Shortener.

sr. no. Wit. Method Amount
1 PayPal 1$
2 PayTm 3$
3 Bank Trans. 50$
4 Skrill 20$
5 Payeer 20$
6 UPI 3$

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